Kickstarter Broken Down

Probably one of the largest and most used crowdfunding platform to date. To use their words “Kickstarter helps artists, musicians, filmmaker, designers, and other creators find the resources and support they need to make their ideas a reality”.

Running in an array of countries (USA, Australia, UK and most of Europe) you can access eyes ball from all across the globe. How awesome is that?!

HOW THEY WORK: Kickstarter is very straight forward. Once you designed your campaign (Video optional – although highly recommended by them, and a necessity as far as we’re concerned because, well, come on now!), it’’ll be quickly checked by the Kickstarter crew to make sure it abides by their rules and hey presto, your camping is live (for a maximum of 60 days). As long as your campaign is successful in resigning the money, you’ll see these $$$ in your account 14 days after your campaign has ended. Told you, super straight forward.

WHAT DO THEY CHARGE: If successful, Kickstarter will take:

  • 5% total funds raised
  • 3% + $0.20 per pledge of $10 and over
  • 5% + $0.05 per pledge under $10

(Side note: these fees are for USA only. Not from USA? You can view your countries Kickstarter fees here)

WHATS UNIQUE ABOUT THEM: Because Kickstarter is open to such an array of creators (from designers, musicians etc), it’ll mean you’re more likely to get various eyes balls on your campaign, however that also means its going to be easier for you to get swallowed up in the mix. Therefore we recommend using their “Creative Handbook” (more on this bellow).

KEEP IN MIND: They’re an “all or nothing” fundraising platform.

Meaning, if you don’t raise all your money, you don’t get a penny. Although great in the sense that donators will feel more confident handing over their money to you (as this’ll mean you’ll really have to breakdown your budget, and not half-arse it), it can also be infuriating. Imagine you’re only $1000 away from your final goal. Too much for you to ask your family to donate, but not large enough that being the #DirtyBadass that you are, you couldn’t readjust the budget. We leave this one to you to weigh up.

WHAT WE RECOMMEND:Use their Creative Handbook

Broken down into categories such as Promotion, Communicating with backers and telling your story, this handy-handbook packs a bunch of useful information on “how to” and what they recommend. Plus, its broken down all clean and nice. We like that.

Oh, and don’t miss out on both their “Campus”, a place where fellow Kickstarter campaign creators can ask and answer questions regarding the fundraising topic, or their “Spotlight” section, where all successfully funded campaigns can promote their work and keep people updated on “how goes life” post-fundrasing. How awesome are those!