Indiegogo Broken Down

Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform and one we’re sure you’ve heard of. Popular among filmmakers as well as creators and companies alike, Indiegogo has definitely become a regular name in the micro-budget filmmakers tool box.

HOW THEY WORK: Indiegogo is almost as straight forward as Kickstarter (remember we said almost). You have two fundraising options “Fixed Funding” (following the “all-or-nothing” method) or “Flexible funding” (meaning you keep whatever you make. Even if that’s only 7.5% of you wanted… yup! That’s happened to us before…).

Much like Kickstarter, they too have a 60 day duration maximum and once over, you can expect your $$$ transferred to your PayPal or bank account within 15 days.


  • 5% on all funds raised

Plus a whole load of other feed depending on the type of campaign you choose and if you’re successful. We would love to lay them all out for you, however we’re afraid you might be reading this post for the rest of the day (or god forbid, stop reading all together!). With both our best interests at heart, we’ll direct you straight to their website page.

WHATS UNIQUE ABOUT THEM: Their coming soon page!

Where you can start building and creating buzz around your project while ironing out the minor details of your campaign. How amazing is that?!

Plus, because they too are open to more creators than just filmmakers, you’ll get a wider range of backers.


Their fee’s are little more complex and because you have a thousand other types of people raising money, it’ll be just that smidge harder to get on their homepage. Plus, their success rate (we’re talking %) is not as good as other platforms. But you’re a #DirtyBadass, so we know you can do it!


Don’t miss their “Essential Guide to Crowdfunding” and support pages. They literally break everything down layman style. If you’re planning on using Indiegogo, spend a little time exploring this. You’ll thank yourself later when your campaign has not only raised its money, but surpassed its goal!