A Brief Breakdown

The Dirty Filmmaker was founded by creators Alexa Berry and Brianna Rose Endrina, two of the brains behind “Dirty Talk” web series.

What the fudge is this place?
A blog designed to inspire, inform and aid micro-budget filmmakers as they create their ingenious productions and take the next steps in what we’re sure will be their kick-ass career. We know personally how overwhelming and life consuming creating your own content can be, and how tricky climbing the steep entertainment career ladder is. So we designed this blog to be a resource of information and laughs, to help pick you up and put you on track for the future you deserve.

How do we do this we hear you ask?
With posts ranging from our own experiences on the “Dirty Talk” set, to resources and information we’ve found useful, interviews with industry know hows, and our most common “What we did wrong!” posts, there’s no shortage of material for you to choose from.

No matter if you’re a complete newbie to the film-making world, or an industry pro, we have a little something for everyone. So enjoy, have fun, and feel free to get in touch at any point.

Photograph of founders Alexa Berry (left) and Brianna Rose Endrina (right), curtesy of Scott Ferrara Photography