Everything Instagram with Your Favorite Ex-Girlfriend: Find Your Theme

And we’re back – I know. It’s weird hearing from us so much in one week. Welcome to day two in our mini-series on everything Instagram with Tessa Lopez-Scott (Your Favorite Ex-Girlfriend).

Yesterday, Tessa shared with us her best tips for starting out in your own Instagram journey and today she’s taking that a step further and touching on Branding.

To some of you, you might be thinking “Branding? I’m selling my production. Clearly, the branding is obvious!”.

Well, no. It’s not.

Take it from two ladies who have royally fudged this up before; it doesn’t matter what you’re selling through social media (a production, a product or yourself), you have to define from the start, exactly how you’re going to sell it.

Are you going to make your audience laugh with meme style jokes? Are you going to take an inspirational approach to selling your production? Or are you planning on sharing beautifully mastered images that make your audience want to buy themselves the latest Lecia?

To use Tessa’s words, you have to “find your theme” before finding your audience. Well let our guru explain this further:



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