Business Of Acting Series: The Uber of Acting with Valorie Hubbard

Welcome back to our Business of Acting Series with the CEO and Founder of Actors Fast Track, Valorie Hubbard.

Last week – this fabulous Fempreneur talked to us about how to nail an audition and book those jobs; a skill Valorie coaches to all her clients. On average, Actors Fast Track clients book 30% of the auditions they go on…! That’s kind of amazing and to us highlights how powerful coaching can be.

I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that all the best athletes in the world have coaches. That the top politians in the world have coaches. That the majority of Oscar-winning actors in the world have coaches. Not one bit.

Coaching is a form of personal development that enables you to unlock your inner potential through guidance and training. It educates its clients in realizing that they have the ability to achieve their goals and aids them in doing this through various methods and techniques. The different styles of coaching are as long as my movie bucket list with every industry having its own niches. With all the different services and programs out there claiming to enable actors to achieve the careers of their dreams – it can get a little life-consuming navigating through them all.

So we’re cutting through the fog and sharing more information on one said company. Let Valorie explain how Actors Fast Track can help you in your acting career, what they offer and how she see’s it beocming the “Uber” of acting – with a much more polished reputation we might add!

Enjoy #DirtyBadasses and if you think Valorie and Actors Fast Track might be for you, pop on over to their website for more information – oh, and there’s totally a book too!


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