The Business Of Acting: “Auditioning 101” with Valorie Hubbard

Auditioning can be frustrating – I don’t care who you are, how long you’ve been in the game or how great your auditioning skills may be. The truth of it is, auditions can be frustrating!

We can sometimes walk out of those minuscule auditioning rooms, while five pairs of eyes glare at us, knowing in our gut that we didn’t allow ourselves to shine as brightly as we’re able to. Therefore spending the rest of the day beating ourselves up, while chomping down on a “Double-Double” animal style with matching fries.

(Side Note: In n’ Out – Get yo booty to London and Atlanta. We’re lost without you!)

And yet, on the flip side, auditioning can also be frustrating because, well, we’re not getting any!! Oh yeah – that one’s a killer….

Either way – we know you’ve felt the deep, slow groove of the saxophone style audition blues – and we want to change them to something a little pop-y!

Welcome to episode two in our exclusive series with “Actors Fast Track” CEO, Valorie Hubbard, on “The Business Of Acting”. Today, Val break auditioning down into small, easy, digestible chunks to help you get in that room and shine brighter than you’ve done before.

And if you like what you’re hearing, then you’re in luck! Actors Fast Track is hosting their second 3-day “Game Changer” event this November in Los Angeles. Make sure to sign up fast, as tickets are going quicker than “King Authur” leaving the theatres.



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