The Dirty Vlog: “Go Pitch Yourself” with Valorie Hubbard

It’s our favorite time of the week people – and today we’re shaking things up yet again.

Welcome to the first post in our Business of Acting series with the one and only Valorie Hubbard.

Now those of you might remember Valorie from our previous vlog episode, where this wonderful “tell it like it is” #DirtyBadass shared with you how her company, Actors Fast Track, empowers actors to take charge of their careers.

Well, we love this lady so much that we’ve decided to dedicate a whole Dirty Filmmaker series to her.

So welcome to the next four weeks of your life actors!

This Business of Acting series aims to help all our fellow actors to take the reigns, to throw on their entrepreneurial hats (because guys – you’re total entrepreneurs) and to start treating themselves like a well thought-out business.

Valorie is an incredible woman whom we admire and cannot say enough good words about – So get your pens ready as today she teaches you how to “Go Pitch Yourself”.

Come on…. You know you want to…..!

To find more of Valorie, find her on Actors Fast Track.

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