The Dirty Vlog: Rob Nagle on “The Power Of Yes”


And he’s back ladies and gentleman – the one and only Mr. Rob Nagle (aka our life coach).

By now, you’ll know the Nagle-meister quite well – so we won’t babble on about all the exciting and incredible things that this #DirtyBadass has been doing (but seriously check ROB NAGLE out, the man has done some fantastic work – all with a chirpy smile on his face).

Instead of that, we’re going to share a little story with you all about how we first met Mr. Nagle.

The Captain Is Always Right
Rob Nagle as Mr Douglas in Dirty Talk

It was a hot and sunny summer Saturday in Los Angeles and we were in the middle of production for our series Dirty Talk. Rob had been recommended to us by our Dirty Momma, shout-out to Caitlin Muelder, to play a role we were struggling to cast. After seeing his resume and reel, we knew we wanted this talented man; and thankfully (after reading our script and clearing his calendar) it became a love-match.

Due to much schedule juggling (as you do on low – or no – budget productions) the first day we officially met Mr. Nagle was on set.

And we were late!

Yup – Bri and I, who were running the shebang and had planned to arrive on set half an hour before everyone else, rocked up late.

Now those of you who know me well, know that I HATE (and I mean HATE) lateness. Time and I have a very important relationship and it does not bend for any man – except maybe my #WorkWife – but you know!

She and I were frantically running around Hollywood, managing last minute crisis and lining up for what felt like an hour at ChicK-Fil-A, in order to feed our superstar squad, (aka – the dirty crew), breakfast. Due to a thousand and one things (that I can’t quite remember two years on) we were late….. But you know who wasn’t?

Mr. Rob Nagle.

Mr we-have-not-officially-met-but-we-super-want-to-make-a-good-impression-on-you Rob Nagle.

My inner priggish time control freak was losing it…. literally. Bri had to totally zen me out in between traffic light intervals.

When we arrived, we parked the car as quickly as possible (which those of you who know the streets of Hollywood will know, is never a quick job!) and ran to find none other than Rob Nagle standing outside the front door of our location, with all of his outfits in hand.

Now that Saturday was hot. Like seriously hot. Like “I’ve sweated off all my makeup in 5 minutes” kind of hot. The kind of hot that makes you wish you’d packed an extra five shirts and couple cans of deodorant. You get the steamy picture. So you can just imagine our horror when seeing Rob from across the car park, and our inner monologues reading something like:

“Oh dear god, there he is… and we’re late. How long has he been standing there for and is that…? Yup, he’s carrying all his outfit choices. Wow…. that’s a lot of outfit choices. How heavy do you think something like that… – oh, that’s not relevant right now Alexa.

Seriously – how late our we….? Oh Wow! We’re late. Oh god, he’s going to think we’re some doozie, nonchalant filmmakers who do nothing but smoke weed and pretend to film stuff on the weekend. I mean, we actually do film stuff on the weekends, but we definitely don’t smoke weed…. Anymore.

And we’re so non-nonchalant. We’re like totally professional chicks here. I mean, kind of. We’re professional on a budget, that still counts right? Oh god, does he already regret saying yes to this? I mean the dude’s worked with Joe Wright. JOE FREAKIN WRIGHT! This is so far from a Joe Wright production, he has no idea and….  Jeez Louise, am I in the freakin Sahara right now?”

We were being frantically neurotic, to say the least.

But you know what, a wonderful thing happened. After we had convinced ourselves that this man – who we only knew from reputation – was going to think we were the most unprofessional young adults on the planet and regret joining our Production – Mr Rob Nagle couldn’t have been more relaxed, easier going or happier to dive right in.

A year later, when filming the segment below – we brought this up to him and he just laughed. He said to us (and we have it on camera in case the judge wants it) that he had totally forgotten we had shown up late because “who cares?”. He went on to say that, as actors, we should always be grateful for every role that is offered our way and to never ever think that we’re “too good” for a production – regardless of budget size.

Rob shares with us today, why we should be the change we want to see in the world, how powerful saying yes can be and how we will never know where opportunities are going to stem from. For example – Mr Nagle wouldn;t be here sharing his advice with the world on The Dirty Talk platform if he hadn’t taken the role in our production. And we would never have met our future life coach!

Be sure not to miss this one, guys and gals – as this motivational chat goes deeper than industry “how to’s”.

But seriously Rob, name your price!

Find more of Rob Nagle’s wise words here at The Dirty Filmmaker.

Or go directly to the source himself on Twitter, Instagram and online.

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