The Dirty Vlog: Rob Nagle on “Finding Our Way Back To Storytelling In A Data Driven Industry”

If you’re a part of the twenty-first century, then you know very well that the word data is thrown around more commonly than a Donald Trump Meme.

And with the advancement of technology, it’s no surprise as to why. Our industry, much like every other in the world, relies on its own sets of data to make informed business decisions. They use data to compare film revenues against actors to see who “trendy”. They use data to make decisions on what marketing strategies to take in different locations around the world. They even use data to compare audience attendance against movie themes and topics. It’s no wonder that for the past few years the discussion on whether a computer can writer that “magic” script has been buzzing around on producers iPhones.

Donald Data Meme

Now we’re not here to say “Data is the bane of all evil”. Hell no – Data is the bomb! And it’s also not a new concept. Data is, in a nut shell, a compilation of facts and statistics compiled together for reference and analysis (and yes – I did google that definition). Data has been around since the beginning of time, it’s simply that we now have the resources in technology to be able to gather more of it at the snap of our finger tips.

However, with all that being said, Data has been used time and time again to make decisions that, we believe, sometimes shouldn’t be data driven. I mean where would the Mona Lisa be if Davinci was like:

“You know what Lisa – lots of people are digging the duck face look lately. Lets totally rock that one out”. 

Sometimes we just have to go with our gut and let our emotional intelligence guide us – a lesson I think the industry greats know, and the industry middle men need to learn.

What better way to get this point across than by bringing our favorite motivational life coach, Rob Nagle, back to share his ideas on how we can bring storytelling back to the forefront of the entertainment industry. (Side Note – Rob is not, in fact, a life coach. We just think he should be – for us alone!).

Get your pens ready and those of you with any curation or festival aspirations, listen good and hard because Mr. Nagle has some good ideas.

You can find previous interviews with Rob Nagle on The Dirty Filmmaker here, or follow him on Twitter.


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