The Dirty Vlog: Anthony Montes on “Classes Aren’t Just For Actors”

It’s Friday! Can we get a “Hell yeah!”

This week we’re back with one of our favorite New York natives, Anthony Montes, to discuss why acting classes are just as important for non-actors within the film industry.

Now, this may seem like a very unorthodox concept if you’re not an Actor (honestly, it may seem weird even if you ARE one!) But, none the less, it’s an idea that we here at TDFM share with Mr. Montes.

Let’s face it, we’ve all experienced, in one way or another, the frustration of working with an actor who thinks their job is the most important or that crew member who talks during an emotional scene. (If we had a nickel…)

But, there IS a simple solution! And Anthony is definitely on to it!

Maybe we can convince him to dedicate one of his workshops specifically to non-actors!

To connect with Anthony or book him for a Workshop click here.











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