The Dirty Vlog: Pete Collie on “Why All Actors Should Work On Sets”

Today – it’s the British invasion (take two) as we invite fellow Brit, Pete Collie, back to chat with us about the best piece of advice he’d give to actors.

Pete Collie, aside from being a fellow native (Bri is the odd one out today), is an actor and business owner; having founded Sunset Ghost Pictures which is both a production house and an equipment rental company. In fact, the tools used to create this very vlog post were loaned from Mr. Collie’s company – thanks, mate!

Having studied and worked in both the UK and USA, Pete is no stranger to the entertainment industry nor does he shy away from speaking his mind – which becomes very clear to our (may we add fantastic) crew about a minute in.

Today, Pete chats to us about why working on sets is so important for all members of the entertainment industry, why actors especially should do this and how crew members can be a little – well – needy.

Disclaimer: No harm came to Pete Collie during the production of this video. Our “Dirty Crew” waited until the cameras were cut….

To follow more from Mr Collie, or to get your hands on his sweet equipment rental prices, you can find him here.

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