The Dirty Vlog: Tessa Lopez-Scott on “Social Media for Filmmakers”

We have a question for you. How many low budget shorts, sketches, web series or features have you seen lately that have left you thinking “Freaken heck, these filmmakers are talented geniuses?”. Now, out of all of those productions, how many have been able to grow around the world, screening to a wide audience who knows exactly where they are and how to find them?

If you’re lucky, maybe you can think of one or two, but I predict the vast majority of those low budget productions, never gained the audience you know they deserve!

Frustrating isn’t it – especially when it’s your own.

Well, filmmakers, we have a “Dirty Newsflash” for you. Today – it’s all about the attention economy.

Some of you might be going “Huh? An attention what? I’m a filmmaker, not a freaken accountant!”.

Simply put, the “attention economy” refers to the fact that in today’s digital era, we’re fighting more for people’s time opposed to their wallets. I’m sure you can agree that getting eyeballs on your work is the hardest part of the filmmaking process. I mean, no wonder the studios spend almost half their production budgets on PR and Marketing. They’re fighting with everyone else (not just in the industry but in the WHOLE FREAKEN WORLD!) for audiences to say “I want to spend a couple of hours of my life inside a dark cinema looking at that thing opposed to going to the mall and buying a sweater!”.

Gaining eyeballs and pulling in our potential audience is something we here at The Dirty Filmmaker are eager to learn more about (as we’re sure you can imagine). So to help kick us off, we’ve invited back our incredible friend Tessa Lopez-Scott (Or Your Favorite Ex Girlfriend as she’s known in cyber space) to talk about how filmmakers can use Social Media to find those eyeballs.

For those of you who don’t know, Tessa was able to (in just over a year we have to add) build an Instagram following for her meme account (@yourfavoriteexgf) of over 100k followers – that was last summer when we interviewed her. Since her followers have grown to over 150k+, she gets sponsorship deals and is able to promote her filmmaking work through the attention she has gathered online. Trust us when we say this lady knows a thing or two about the world of Social Media.

In today’s vlog post, we chat about Instagram, why ALL filmmakers should gain followers and how she wants Judd Apatow to read her script Pole Queens.


Follow the hysterical “Your Favorite Ex Girlfriend” or to read more interviews with this Instagram wizard, find them all here.

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