The Dirty Vlog: Rob Nagle on “Why Networking Shouldn’t Be Complicated”

Another Friday, another vlog!

We’ve all heard the saying “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” when it comes to, well, pretty much any industry. You can be talented, sure! But having good connections can go a long way.

Making those connections, however, can be tricky. Maybe you’ve already made them in school or by working odd jobs, or even by knowing someone who knows someone. And let’s not forget the good ol’ fashioned networking events.

Now, we here at TDFM have a pretty positive outlook on Networking events. They are simply funky shindigs where you chat a little, perfect your elevator pitch and get the occasional rockin’ swag-bag. Granted there’s the whole “Let me bribe my roommate into coming and then pretend we don’t know eachother, so we can stage a natural meet and greet” thing, but hey– who’s judging?

To say the least, Networking is one hell of a stressful thing. So, with this in mind TDFM sat down with Actor Rob Nagle [ a veteran #DirtyBadass and occasional personal Life Coach – not that he knows it] to pick his brain on this whole Networking thing! And well, we’ve got his unique perspective on what it means to “Network.”

We guarantee after watching this, you’ll start looking at the way you present yourself and your business, in a whole different light.

Here’s to NETWORKING – and to our “Life Coach”!!!

To hear more of Rob Nagle‘s motivational chats, find his previous interviews here.

Or follow him on both Instagram and Twitter.


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