The Dirty Vlog: Or Die Trying on “Crowdfunding Tips”

Friday is upon us people!

So you know we’ve got some awesome content to share with all you hardworking filmmakers out there! 

You’ve seen these ladies before, in their interview with The Dirty Filmmaker, when we got honest about  how creating opportunities for yourself is detrimental in this ever competitive industry. Well, the ladies of Or Die Trying are back with us again to share some of their tricks of the trade on running a successful crowdfunding campaign.

With the release of season one of their series (made possible due to their very successful crowdfunding campaign on Seed&Spark) these ladies are continuously working their #Dirtybadasses off to spread the message of supporting women in film. A message, here at TDFM, we strongly align ourselves with!  

If you haven’t had a chance to binge season one, which is comprised of eight 7-8 minute episodes, it is available to stream on YouTube and on their website at: They also have some awesome behind the scenes content, so subscribe to their channel to stay connected.

If you’re ahead of the game and loved the show, we encourage you to share this story and support these truly remarkable women.  Here are a few templates that you can copy/paste and post!  

 [ Template Facebook Post: ]

 OR DIE TRYING, a series about millennial women in Hollywood, is now available online! Stream Season 1 today here:

 Dreams are worth fighting for.

[ Pre-Crafted Tweet: ]

 Stream Season 1 of OR DIE TRYING  today! Dreams are worth fighting for. @ODT_Series #odtseries

Now, we could talk about how great they are all day, but how about you see for yourself! 

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