The Dirty Vlog: Chris D’Silva on why your body is unique and special

Happy almost weekend everyone!

To get yours off to a raving start we have another vlog episode for you all – and today we’re feeling for a little pep talk.

Meet Mr Chris D’Silva.

Chris is a fellow Actor/Model who moonlights as a personal trainer – his clients being various member of the entertainment industry (including yours truly a couple years back!).

Chris is not only a hard working, dedicated and driven individual – but he is also one of the most compassionate and non-judgemental human beings I have had the fortune to meet.

Initially from India, having also spent time in NYC, and currently residing in LA, this worldly traveler has seen it all. So he’s here today to chat with us about how we should embrace our own uniqueness, and ignore the pressures the entertainment industry can place on you to have the “perfect” body.

I’ll admit, this is a topic that is very close to my heart, having (like so many of you out there) felt like my body was under a constant microscope. Now I’m not here to criticize the industry or to point a finger at the big dogs in charge (not today at least), but every now and then it’s wonderful to be reminded by Mr D’Silva on how your body is uniquely perfect.

Oh yes – there’s also mention of farts.

So without further adieu, say hi to Chris!

For more Chris inspiration, or to work with this fine Gentleman, find him here:


Twitter: @Chrisfdsilva

Facebook: Chris D’Silva – BodyHaus


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