The Dirty Vlog: Caitlin Muelder on How to be a #DirtyBadass and create your own work!

Another weekend approaches and another blog post hits our screens.

Today we are beyond ecstatic to introduce to you a woman who you may already be familiar with. This woman has mentored us, guided us, helped us and (always!) supported us – in more ways than one.

It’s non-other than our “Dirty Momma”, Caitlin Muelder.

For those of you who have yet to have had the privilege of meeting this classy lady, let us summarise.

Caitlin is an actor, writer, director extraordinaire. Her credits range from one woman shows, Off-Broadway productions, to even appearing in the latest Coen Brothers flick, “Hail, Caesar!”; which the Daily Mail described her as “done up to perfection in pink” during her red carpet appearance.

Caitlin Muelder is one of those rare individuals that no matter what the mood, you always come away feeling pumped, inspired and like you can achieve anything and everything.

Today, she speaks to all you #DirtyBadasses on how you totally should create your own work – and we’re all for that!

So, without further adieu, meet our “Dirty Momma”, Caitlin Muelder!


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