The Dirty Vlog: Anthony Montes on Teaching Actors Around The World

It’s Fri-Yay Y’all!!!! Which means two things;

  1. The weekend is basically here (bring on the bubbles)
  2. It’s time to meet another inspirational #DirtyBadass

Today, we’re going to introduce you to Anthony Montes; teacher/actor/writer extraordinaire. Anthony was our first teacher way back when during our first ever acting class in LA (in which he gave us the exercise of speaking at our own funerals – the brute!).

During that time Anthony became an incredible mentor, sharing his knowledge on the industry and, in particular, his passion around the Meisner method (SN: Anthony totally studied directly under the guru that is Stanford Meisner – so yeah, dude knows his stuff!).

In recent years, Anthony has built his life traveling the world and holding masterclasses in almost continent there is.

Outside this, Anthony is an incredibly compassionate and caring individual and to quote him from today’s interview, he states:

People always ask how it’s different teaching here and there, and I’m like no. The thing I’m finding is that we’re all the same from Paris to Dubai and Istanbul!”

Right now, in today’s political climate, when all we hear are messages of segregation and insulation. When you can’t read the headlines without hearing words of hate and distrust, it’s wonderful to be reminded of the simple fact that at the end of the day, we are all just the same. So thank you Anthony for your pearls of wisdom and teachings. We look forward to learning more in the not too distant future.

Enjoy this video #DirtyBadasses – With love!




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