The Dirty Vlog: Updates with “The Dirties”

Today we’re doing something a bit different here at The Dirty Filmmaker. Rather than our usual Friday post, one of which features an awesome filmmaker sharing their valuable insight, we, “The Dirties” (Thank you, Rob Nagle) would like to personally update you on all things TDFM.

Now, we know we’ve made lots of changes recently, throwing a whirlwind of “newness” at you. From a whole new logo, designed by the fantastic Keri Elaine, to building an amazing team of #DirtyBadass women!

Our aim here at The Dirty Filmmaker is to inspire your creativity, give you insight to the world of filmmaking, as we know it and spark the passion within you that maybe has fallen by the waste side while venturing into this demanding industry.

We know all too well how that feels, so here’s a little piece of advice.

“Don’t give up and get involved.”

We invite you to join us in our journey, so that we may help you with yours!

So with open arms and lots to share, we’d love to say a personal “Hello and Welcome!” and a long over due “Thank You!”

If you’d like to be a part of our wonderfully, wacky world, subscribe to our YouTube channel (here).

PS. Ready to get involved? Shoot us an email, or get social with us @DirtyFilmmaker. We can’t wait to connect!



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