The Dirty Vlog: Tessa Lopez-Scott on Your Favorite Ex Girlfriend

Today we’d like you to say hello, not only to an dynamic and inspirational friend of ours, but also to a lady that’s got the world of Instagram in stitches!

Tessa Lopez-Scott is an actress/writer extraordinaire who’s comedic timing and witty comebacks will have you bent over in tears. Two years ago she set up the meme account “Your Favorite Ex Girlfriend” (@yourfavoriteexgf) on Instagram to help share her love of deadpan humour with the world. In less than 24 months, this social media genius has an whopping 150k followers, a number that has nearly doubled in the time between filming this interview to today.

This rib-tickling lady says it like it is, shares her expertise and continues to have us in stitches the whole way through. But don’t take our word for it; find out for yourself in the first of many interviews we have with this incredible lady.

So without further adieu – meet Tessa Lopez-Scott!


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