The Dirty Vlog: Pete Collie On “Sunset Ghost Pictures”

Today we’re excited (super duper excited) to introduce to you not only an awesome filmmaker, awesome friend and awesome human being – but also a fellow Brit!! (Finally it’s Bri who has to decipher the foreign accents!).

Pete Collie is a fellow actor, producer and, get this, business owner. His production company, that he co-owns with writer Tiffany Gomes, not only helps produce and support independent filmmakers at various scales, but Sunset Ghost Pictures also rents out a bunch of snazzy equipment at “affordable” prices – in fact, it’s what we used to film these snazzy videos!

Sunset Ghost Pictures is a total breath of fresh air for this industry and Mr Pete Collie is as blunt and honest as they come. We adore this man, even if he is a Chelsea supporter, and we just know you will too. 

So without further adieu, meet Pete Collie!

P.S. – Liked this? Mr Pete Collie has a lot more to say and trust us, this man is not about the censorship – we LOVE it! Stay tuned #DirtyBadass(es)


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