The Dirty Vlog: Matt Steele on “Building A YouTube Series”

Today, The Dirty Filmmaker sits down with the extraordinary Matt Steele, one of the masterminds and host’s behind the hit YouTube channel “Two Gay Matts“.

Those of you savvy subscribers might recognises Mr Steele from our previous interview with him last summer, where we chatted about his crowdfunding campaign for his feature film “DIVOS! The Movie“.

Well, Mr Matt Steele has returned, and we’re excited to welcome him onto the Dirty Vlog as one of our Season One Filmmakers. Why have we invited this incredibly talented and all round #DirtyBadass(es) back? Because this “Jack of All Trades” is not just an Actor/Writer/Producer extraordinaire (seriously, check out this man’s accomplishments), but he is also a down right awesome YouTuber.

Yup, you guessed it, we just had to talk to him about everything YouTube!

Without further adieu, meet Mr Matt Steele… (again)!

To learn about everything YouTube – Stay tuned, because this #DirtyBadass has a bunch of answers for you!

Want to know more about his feature film “DIVOS! The Movie” check out the concept trailer – it’s freaken hysterical!




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