The Dirty Vlog: Rob Nagle on “It’s Not Instant Pudding”

This week on The Dirty Vlog, we’re fortunate enough to share with you one of our favourite people of all time, Mr Rob Nagle.

Rob Nagle is one hell of an awesome dude and freaken fantastic actor! Not only has he appeared in productions such as Grey Anatomy, CSI, Straight Outta Compton and many, many more, but he also plays the Sailor loving, boat-tie wearing, maritime dreaming Mr Douglas in our very own series “Dirty Talk“.

The Captain Is Always Right
Rob Nagle as Mr Douglas in Dirty Talk

Having been put in touch by a mutual friend, it was “we simply just adore you” at first sight. This #DirtyBadass is an inspiration through and through. Not only is he a genuinely humble, kindhearted and hysterical human being, but he also has this contentious “I can do anything” energy about him. You’re totally getting why we had to interview him, right?

We are continuously inspired by this funky man and we couldn’t be prouder of his most recent achievements – as he stars in the original play “Church & State” showing Off-Broadway at the New World Stage – oh, and did we mention it was just nominated for “Best New Play” by the Off Broadway Alliance! Well freaken done Mr Nagle and team, well freaken done!

So without further adieu, it’s time for all you #DirtyBadass(es) to get inspired by the Nagle-ster!


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