The Dirty Vlog: Or Die Trying on “Creating Opportunities”

Today we’re excited to introduce to you the fantastic women behind the series Or Die Trying.

Or Die Trying is a story about women in film, by women in film – can you see why we love them so much! Like its creators, the series is compromised of creative women living and working in Los Angeles, in varying aspects of the entertainment industry. They have set out to progress the narrative of women in film not only on-screen, but also through physical production by committing to hire a team that is no less than 85% female.

We first met these ambitious and down right fantastic ladies on twitter, stalking them almost daily from afar. When deciding who to interview for this exciting new segment of The Dirty Filmmaker, we knew these powerful women had to be included. We sat down with them last summer and the following video is just one of the many conversation we were fortunate to have.

We cannot wait to share with you not only their story, but give all you filmmakers an insight into how they have navigated and built their careers in the entertainment industry.

So without further adieu, we introduce the ladies of Or Die Trying.

Be sure not to miss a beat from these amazing filmmakers by joining them on their journey on Facebook, Instagram and our favourite, Twitter!



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