The Dirty Vlog

Today we’re excited to announce the release of The Dirty Filmmaker Vlog. Can we get a Woop woop!

So what is the Dirty Vlog, we hear you ask?

Easy – The Dirty Vlog is a funky new part of our already funky new platform, which will give all you ambitious and budding filmmakers an insight into what it takes to create your own careers in the ever expanding digital age of the entertainment industry. We will be sharing interviews with content creators, actors, business women, founders, YouTubers and many more. Oh, and you know what’s extra awesome about the talented slew of people we’ve been fortunate enough to talk to so far? They’re all currently hustling, working and building their empires from the ground up! These incredible creators are people you can learn from, and above all else, totally relate to.

We know time is a currency more valuable than $$$, so we’ve made our videos super simple and super quick to digest. So anytime you’re waiting around on set (ha! like that ever happens) or anytime you need a two minute breather from those spreadsheets you’re working your #DirtyBadass on, you can count on us to give you a light burst of total entertainment – and awesome inspiration.

So without further ado, we invite you into the wonderful and whacky world of The Dirty Filmmaker. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel (here) as to never miss a beat. Enjoy xxxx

PS. Want to get involved? Shoot us an email. We’d love nothing more!

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