Let’s Re-Introduce Ourselves

And we’re back! After four months away from cyberspace, the Dirties have returned and we’re more pumped than ever. Why is this? Because in the next few months we have some exciting Gizmo’s, Gimmicks and darn right awesome content to share with you; worthy of a prestigious SWAG award (I have no idea what a swag award is, but we’re totally giving ourselves one). In fact, we’re so excited, we’re breaking our silence, literally.

Now, you’re probably asking

“What the hell are these #DirtyBadass ladies talking about? And wait… did you free stuff???”

Umm, yeah we did! And although we can’t share everything with you as of yet (yes it’s killing us too), we can reintroduce ourselves, give you a couple “sneak peeks” of what’s to come and tell you how The Dirty Filmmaker can help you and your production.

So let’s re-introduce ourselves…

Who Are We?

The Dirty Filmmaker is a digital platform designed for independent filmmakers, by independent filmmakers.

Great! What the hell does that mean?

In layman’s terms, it means you’ve stumbled across a funky little place where our soul mission is to help inspire, inform, empower and support you to achieve the careers you want by helping you get your ingenious productions out there for the world to see.

Okay! So how are going to do this?

Ahhhhh! This is where things get fun. Aside our short, sweet and bite sized blog posts on how to best go about establishing, producing, marketing and financing your production (as well as your personal brand), we’ll be sharing with you some more “filmmaker-y” content *Nudge nudge, wink wink*

I’m digging it! But why should I listen to you?

100% transparency. We will never claim to know it all. We will never say that we’re “experts”. We will never say “it’s our way or the highway’. However, what we can promise you (and you can totally hold us to this) is that we will never stop pushing, learning and sharing with you everything we can. Will we get it right the whole time? Probably not. Will you see a thousand and one spelling mistakes? You bet’cha. And will the awful grammar drive you redonkulously insane? Only if you’re a grammar Natzi, it will. However, we will always let you know our mistakes (and triumphs because we hope there will be many), in an attempt that this information will help educate you and above all else, inspire you to grab hold of your dreams and aspirations.

Now I’m getting it. Are there any other awesome things you’re offering Filmmakers like me?

You bet your #DirtyBadass there are. Subscribe to our newsletter to find out in the coming weeks a few special ways we’re planning to help you and your production.

I’m signed up. But why the silent treatment?

After having what we call our “soft-launch” back in July, we quickly realised that there was a better and more effective way to reach our target audience. Our aim is to be a well known name in the indie film community, with (eventually) a series of different digital mediums to successfully help you. So with that long goal in mind, we knew we needed to go through a little shake up (Taylor Swift style). We’re expanding, we’re growing and we’re worked day and night to create a bunch of different resources you budding filmmakers can take advantage of (again, more of this to come). However, our biggest hold up is that we’re going through one hell of a re-brand. So this funky platform you’re reading this post on, will be “funk’d up” even more. Naturally we wanted to relaunch with our brand-spanking-new site, but as are all good thing in life, they take timel. And you know what, we’re tired of being away from you for so long. So we’re back. And we’re ready to rumble!

So stay tuned. Stick around. And we can’t wait to see you make all your filmmaking dreams come true!


Ps. As for that sneak peak – we’ll leave you with is this:

Screenshot 2016-11-21 09.56.45.png


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