Interview: Stareable – A new Platform for Web Series

We talk to AJAY KISHORE, founder and “Chief Staremaster” of Stareable, a new online platform for web series, which can help filmmakers market their productions and grow their audience.

Have you ever found yourself aching to find a new, well made, interesting and unbelievably gripping web series that you can sink your teeth into Dracula style? Have you yourself sifting through youtube, desperately searching for that one series that fits the specific genre you’re after? Have you found yourself disheartened as you filtered through political advert after political advert, Bieber song after Bieber song, cat video after cat video (okay, those cat videos are kind of awesome, we can’t regret finding those)? And have you then found yourself giving up, because you just couldn’t find the series you were looking for?

We have! Or at least we did. Because now, thanks to Stareable, our web series viewing needs are covered.

Stareable is a brand new online platform dedicated to helping you with all your web series binging needs. It’s purpose? To change the television industry by democratizing content discovery.

Ajay Kishore, a Maryland raised #DirtyBadass, came up for the concept of Stareable while working in finance. Now based out of the New York he, and the passionate Stareable team, aim to help viewers find the web series’ they’re after, while also helping filmmakers get the audiences their shows deserve (Oh, and they totally eat waffles on Saturdays. I mean, who doesn’t trust a good waffle lover?).

With that being said, lets cut the waffling (pun intended) and introduce you, shall we?



If you could sum up Stareable in a Tagline, what would it be?

Stareable: find and review thousands of shows from across the internet.


How did Stareable come about and why?

A Time Out New York article about the “top 50 web series to watch right now” sparked the idea. It occurred to us that we should be able to get this information in a much more dynamic and expansive way. Articles have half-lives – they’ll eventually be out of date. They take the editorial opinion of a specific writer and are only as accurate as that person’s tastes and whims. And there’s no way they can be aware of all the great content out there. As we explored the idea by talking to show creators, we realized that it would be an incredibly useful service for both filmmakers and audiences.


As television becomes a more fragmented and diverse landscape, it’s increasingly difficult to know about all of the great content out there.


Why web series specifically?

It’s easy to know about the new Netflix show or the fall season on Fox – they market aggressively. But how do you find out about the next great web series? This only becomes a bigger problem as the quantity and quality of content grows. We want to democratize how audiences find shows so what matters is the quality of the show, not its marketing budget.


Why is Stareable an important tool for Independent filmmakers to use?

Filmmakers are great at having a vision and executing against it. But they’re less focused on marketing and community-building. We want to make it easier for them to find and connect with their audience. That way, they can go back to focusing on their art.

Beyond that, Hollywood refuses to give audiences the benefit of the doubt and has an incredibly narrow definition for what they consider “mainstream.” They have sidelined entire communities – women, LGBT, minorities – who are filled with talented filmmakers and only want an opportunity to express themselves. Stareable lets these creators sidestep Hollywood and go straight to fans.


What Is the Weekly Binge? How can filmmakers benefit from this?

We have thousands of shows on the site and it can be a little overwhelming for audiences who don’t know where to start. We want to make webseries a little more approachable by suggesting three shows a week that we think are great. There’s no submission process – it’s driven by what Stareable team members happen to be watching. But our belief is that by convincing more people that there’s high-quality independent content to be found, the rising tide will lift all boats.




What stage are you at with Stareable right now? Where do you see Stareable heading in the future?

What’s exciting about the project is that there’s a ton to do – we’re confident we’ve only scratched the surface. We want to meet more content creators and build tools to help them win and maintain fans. We want to refine our mobile experience and let users enjoy the site on internet-enabled televisions. Perhaps most importantly, we want to continue to improve how users can discover great shows.


What would make someone looking to joining your team at Stareable, a good candidate? Are there any specific positions you all are looking to fill?

We are looking for people who are passionate about television and want to change the industry for the better. Right now we’re focused on talented developers and marketers but if you think you could be a good fit, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Email us at


How can filmmakers submit their Web Series to Stareable?

We always want to hear from filmmakers! Email me at We would love to talk to you.


What is one tool or resource you’d like to share with our readers that you have found invaluable?

One of the most rewarding parts of working on this project has been the sense of community among independent filmmakers. There is a very real sense that we are all working towards a shared goal. Our best advice – don’t hesitate to ask for help and don’t get discouraged. People know how hard it is to have a dream. They will help you because they’ve been there before. And if you’re ever in the same position, please pay it forward.


We want to even the playing field so those shows are considered on their merits, not their marketing budget. Because what matters is finding the television that best speaks to you.


To check out all the web series fun you can handle, visit Stareable now or follow them on Instagram and Twitter for updates. Still not enough? Sign up for their newsletter “The Weekly Binge”, for all the web series updates you need to be a well versed web series geek (p.s. geeks are cool).

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Have you used Stareable? How have you found it? Share your thoughts bellow with other filmmakers.

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