You’re A #DirtyBadass And The Future Of This Industry!

Welcome to our Motivational Moments. A series of bite-sized posts to help pick you up, put you on track, and remind you just how much of a #DirtyBadass you really are!

Are you feeling a little blue because your movie got rejected from that film festival you so desperately wanted? Are you frustrated because you’re not reaching the views on YouTube that you’re sure you would have gotten by now? Are you downhearted because you lost some crucial funding for your latest independent production, and now you have to push back filming until god knows when?

If so, then let us tell you something:

You are a #DirtyBadass.

You may not feel like it right now, but you are a mover and a shaker, and you get stuff done. You don’t sit around and talk about all the things you’re “going” to do, you actually do them. You, my friend, are the future of this industry. Here is why:

Because you actually did something – Instead of sitting on your ass and waiting for the phone to ring, you picked it up and you made the calls. You created something tangible, and even if it has yet to be picked up by CBS (there’s still time), be proud of yourself because you took action over your career and made something containing your very own stamp. Which makes you a #DirtyBadass!

Because you showed commitment – Instead of waiting for people to see what you’re made of, you darn well showed them. What you created wasn’t a short and easy process, and I bet you had multiple struggles along the way. At any one of those hurdles you could have quit like “Zayn”, but no, you powered through in proper “Harry” style (And no, we’re totally not ashamed that we just made a One Direction reference). Which makes you a #DirtyBadass!

Because you worked hard – Instead of expecting the people around you to do the work, you took control and showed initiative. During production, you were probably the first awake and the last to bed. Coffee became your best friend while you worked relentlessly until the job was done. You made your friends aspire to do what you did. Which makes you a #DirtyBadass!

Frankly, any person who can say, “I’m going to take my life into my own hands and create the future I want” is a #DirtyBadass in our books.

So what if your short has yet to be screened at festivals? So what if your YouTube subscribers are only in the double digits? So what if you got a no from that private investor because you’re not a big enough “name” yet? You’re still working at it. You know the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, well neither is a successful career.

By creating your own work, you’re continuously growing and expanding, not only creatively, but also as a kickass business-pro. You’ve added to your filmmaker portfolio, in which future investors/employers/executives/hunky-superheroes will look at down the line. You should be delighted with what you have accomplished, and use what you have learned this time round, for your next awesome creation. It’s people like you, the ones who never stop, always endure and continuously create, that will become the future of this Industry. You, my friend, are one hell of a mover and a shaker.

So be proud of yourself, pat yourself on the back, and never forget that you are a #DirtyBadass!

Kiss Image

Know someone who needs reminded that they’re a #DirtyBadass? Share this post with them and they may very well get a little extra fist pump from The Dirty Team!


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