You’re A #DirtyBadass Employee And Companies Want You!

Welcome to some Motivational Moments. A series of quick short posts to help pick you up, put you on track, and to remind you just how much of a #DirtyBadass you really are.

Are you currently looking for a different Job?  Are you a person who is aspiring to make their career as a filmmaker? Do you currently take shift work to make ends meet? Do you get rejected a thousand and one times a day, and yet still find time to work on your craft?

If so, then let me tell you something:

You are a #DirtyBadass.

You my friend possess the qualities and skills desirable of any employer. You are, in many ways, more qualified than your “Average Joe”. Here is why:

Because you know how to negotiate! – You remember that short you made? And how you managed to figure out a way to film in that location for free, even though it was the Ritz-freaken-Carlton? It’s because you’re a #DirtyBadass!

Because you’re a BOSS at problem solving! – Remember when you figured out a way to set dress that warehouse to look like the swamp from Planet Krypton, while at the same time found a new gaffer because the one you had just came down with bird-flu? It’s because you’re a #DirtyBadass!

Because you know how to handle stress! – Remember that time when your cast arrived on set but your equipment truck was stuck on the 101 freeway (because, well, its was the 101 freeway), and yet you totally managed to keep your cool (unlike your AD)? It’s because you’re a #DirtyBadass!

Okay, so we may have exaggerated a little on some of those examples, but you totally catch what we’re saying. And I bet you there’s someone out there reading this going “No Way! That totally happened to me!” (If that’s you, and you’re referring to filming in the Ritz-Carlton for free, then get in touch immediately. You’re skills are magic and we want to hire you… or worship you!).

In all seriousness though, it’s true. Not only can you put those skills down on your resume, but you know what, you’re also a genius at time management, a ninja at budgeting finances and a wizard at selling ideas to other people! What company wouldn’t want those traits in an employee?

So be proud of yourself, pat yourself on the back, and never forget that you are a #DirtyBadass!

Know someone who needs reminded that they’re a #DirtyBadass? Share this post with them and they may very well get a little extra fist pump from The Dirty Team!

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