Why You Should Create Your Own Web Series

So you’re a filmmaker who’s determined to get your movies, ideas and work out there for the world to see.

You’re passionate, dedicated and because you know what it’s like to grind day in and day out just to pay the bills, you’re also a bit of a #DirtyBadass. You know how to jump up, after being pushed down, quicker than a Lohan rehab stint. You, my friend, are a hard freaking worker!

And yet, no matter how hard of a worker you are, or how many job interviews/auditions you go on, you sometimes find yourself in a bit of a career rut.

Here at The Dirty Filmmaker, “the rut” is something we know all too well and in truth, it’s the reason why our own web series “Dirty Talk” came to be.

Which is why we want share with you why we believe you should take your career into your own hands and climb out of the rut by creating your very own web series!

Girl Creating

Reason (1): Show the world what you’re made of!

This is the perfect platform to showcase everything that is essentially “you”; exactly how “you” want it done, and promoting “you” the way “you” deserve to be promoted. Frankly, it’s the freaking “you” show! In order to be seen in this industry, you’ve got to get comfortable in marketing the “you” show. I mean, who’s to put their faith in someone doesn’t believe in themselves first? But hey, even if you’re not quite there yet, even if you’re still struggling with the thought of self-promotion or even if you don’t quite completely believe in your own abilities yet (trust us, in time, you will), let us tell you our reason number two…

Reason (2): Confidence

One thing we know for sure is to NEVER let that whispering voice of self-doubt deter you for one second. We did, and if it wasn’t for the incredible support system we had surrounding us (*cough* Dirty Momma Caitlin *cough*), we may have never seen Dirty Talk become a reality.
We totally recommend creating your own personal cheer-leading squad, because for us, without these people talking us off that metaphorical ledge, then we wouldn’t have learned that we are:    

(A) Capable of so much more than we ever imagined! 
(B) Total #GirlBoss(es) 
(well, both Dirty Talk and Sophia Amoruso taught us that. P.S. Our lady friends out there, pick up her book today. You won’t regret it!)

Every hurdle we came across during this production (and there were more than we can remember) taught us, without fail, that we could handle it. Not one hurdle derailed us, and not one issue stopped us. By creating, producing and managing our own production, we learned that we are far more capable and far more talented than we ever gave ourselves credit for. So trust us, it’ll gave you the biggest confidence boost. And we hope it’ll teach you, much like it did us, to never undersell yourself again.
(Side Note: If you do create your own cheer-leading teamwe’ll totally give you shout out on social media. Take a picture of your awesome “Squad” and tag #DirtyBadass. Extra points for homemade uniforms and twirls!).

Reason (3): Skills Baby

Part of this new confidence we found through working on “Dirty Talk”, was because hey, we learned new stuff. Did we get it right all the time? Oh hell no! Did we constantly slip up? You bet ‘cha! But did we learn a bunch of new skills, so not to make those mistakes again? Oh we bloody think so!

By jumping in the deep end, and taking on a mass of responsibilities we hadn’t before handled, it gave us a whole bunch of new appliances to add to our toolbox.

For example, creating our own series taught us:

  • Effective communication skills
  • Strategic planning
  • Time Management
  • Typical HR skills
  • Location managing
  • Budgeting
  • And you know, how to set up a YouTube channel (Don’t laugh. One of us didn’t find that easy!)

In essence, it taught us to be total Lady Bosses, and because of it, we became better writers, better producers, better actors and frankly, more desirable business women!

Reason (4): Networking

Yup! That one word that makes you want to bury your head in a pillow on a Saturday night, because you know you should be at that networking drinks, but instead, you’re eating a pint of Ben and Jerry’s while watching “Friends” re-runs on Comedy Central (Oh, just us…?).
But that’s the incredible thing about creating your own content; you naturally, with little effort or “schmoozing”, are meeting other members of the Entertainment Industry. Whether its through hiring actors or crew to be a part of your series, meeting people on social media while blasting your latest production pic or even at festivals while promoting your wonderful creation; you are constantly networking. And let us tell you something; our network of reliable, hard working people in this industry, after only one season of Dirty Talk, has nearly doubled.

Reason (5): Who knows where it could lead?

That’s the incredible thing too. Who knows what can come of this? You could get into festivals and find yourself becoming an award winning filmmaker. You could find yourself getting more work because someone is impressed by what you’ve done (this has definitely happened on our end). Or even, you could find that this incredible production you created, has hit gold, and you’re suddenly Judd Apatow’s new protégé. Don’t knock it! It could happen.

(Side Note: Judd Apatow, if you’re reading this, we would totally love to be your protégés… or your personal coffee makers. Yeah, we’ll be your coffee makers!).

So yes, anything is possible. But we’ll tell you what creating your own web series won’t do; it won’t keep you at that dissatisfied plateau you’re currently stuck in.


So there you go avid reader. These are just a few (because there are so many) reasons why we believe that you should, can, and are able to create your own web series. Remember, there are always going to be reasons why you shouldn’t do something. There are always going to be people saying why you can’t. And there will always be excuses you tell yourself as to why it’s not going to work out. But here’s something we do know; all of those excuses and reasons you have as to why it’s not going to work out, all have solutions!

So remember “Dirty” reader: anything is possible, but that “anything” will only happen, if you’re making mov(i)es for it.

(Side NoteYes! We know that last pun was cheesy, but yes, we are totally proud of it).

Kiss Image

Are you a filmmaker? Have you created or in the process of creating your own web series? Leave us a comment and let us know where we can find it. You may discover you have a couple more fans by the end of the day!

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    1. Thank you Alexis for leaving our first comment and for getting in touch. The web series sounds like great fun and we can’t wait to watch it and see more. Well done to you for creating it!!!

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